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Corporate Vision:
Be the most trustworthy business partner and supplier
Core Values:
Dedication to Customers’ Success
Create the best service experience by always giving the customer priority. Be flexible with changing customer demand to achieve outstanding level of service value.
Innovation and Diversity
Explore unknown possibilities through innovation. Affirm the move toward innovation through respecting diversity.
Equality and Respect
Treat others as how you want to be treated. Show mutual respect, accept others through listening and understanding others.
Openness and Win-win
Embrace change and seek development in an open environment. Establish common ground while allowing differences. Achieve future success through cooperation.
Principle of Integrity:
Honesty, integrity, and honoring promises.
We promise to:
Act honestly and be open;
Do no harm to customer and corporate interest;
Seek no gains at others’ cost; Seek no gains using the Company’s name & resources;
Be prudent in decisions so no overpromise and breaking our words.

Shandong Aoertong Chemical Co.,Ltd