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    Chinese Government Tightens Policies on Coal Chem
    The author:aoertong  Time:2017-04-11

    The boom of China’s national industrial development in the past decade has resulted in heavy reliance on petroleum and nature gas imports, urging the Chinese Government to develop coal chemical industry to balance its foreign-trade dependence and safeguard the national energy security. However, the continuous safety accidents and increasing environment pollution problems (like the intensification of industrial smog, acid rain and shortage of water, etc.) accompanies with the blistering capacity expansion have forced the Chinese Government to promulgate relevant policies to regulate the technical standard and safety standard of local coal chemical industry.

    China’s coal chemical industry, a government policy oriented industry, was once considered a gold mine in China. In 2014, China’s coal chemical projects were put into production intensively. However, since 2014, the rapid development of China’s coal chemical projects aroused great concerns on the ecological environment crisis.

    Chinese government will be more cautious to the coal chemical industry and improve the requirements for the existing coal chemical projects. Judging from relevant information, the planning goal for coal chemical industry will be lowered and the auditing of newly-added coal chemical projects will be stricter.

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