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    China invents and reinvents coal to chemicals
    The author:aoertong  Time:2017-04-11

    China invents and reinventscoal to chemicals

    The world of petrochemicals has been turned upside down. Never has there been amore exciting time in the area of petrochemical technology development. The US feedstockslate is becoming lighter and more competitive as a result of shale gas developments. At the same time,the Middle Eastern feedstock slate is becoming heavier and heavier, as ethane supplies becomeconstrained and the region seeks to develop downstream industries for jobcreation, as described in the March 5 cover story of ICIS Chemical Business.

    Asanother article in this week|s issue shows, chemicals from renewables -"green chemicals" - are gaining commercial traction after many yearsof research and development. And finally, the coal-to-chemicals process isshowing huge growth in China.

    China has the world|s third-largestproven coal reserves, holding 13% of the global total, ranking behind the US and Russia. However, China ranksfirst in the world with respect to both production and use of coal, consumingabout 48% of global demand. Most of this consumption is for power production,but perhaps the fastest-growing sector is the conversion of coal to a widerange of chemicals.

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